Grow Your Own House

--- Oct 2016. “" at Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. Berlin, Germany.

--- May 2016. "2025: Forecasting Futures" at London College of Communication. London, UK.
It’s 2089. Fire, flood, earthquake, sinkhole pervasively sweeping across plain, desert, mountain, ocean where to go, where to live Uncertain

Imagine a possible future in which people live in self-sustained and affordable houses. There is no more need to rely on centralised organisations for water, power supply and such. Then what political and social shift it might cause? To imagine alternative futures is to inspire debates on the present.
It’s a living house in this diegesis. It senses your intricate emotion flow through pheromone exchange. It livens up to your ecstasy and withers down to your agony. It can move; it can settle. With nutrient triggers such as air, light and water, synthetic spider silk uncoils, extends and weaves into a shape which represents the personality of the inhabitants. An uncanny feeling is conveyed by an illustrated book and an artefact.