Intangible Touch

You’re the person that completes this piece of work.

Commissioned by Côtes du Rhône, this project is to create a haptic experience alongside its two-week wine tasting event "The Rhone Touch".

To walk through a cotton strip forest is the experience. During the walking-through, there will be unexpected changes of sound and smell. Meanwhile, no matter whether it’s before, during or after, these cotton strips will always move slowly in the air. Experiencers only bring temporal interruption.

It’s by chance that they discover all the sensory experiences from this piece. It's by chance that people come and go in our life. “Chance” is also the title of the Chinese poem I whispered and included as part of the experience.

One exhibition visitor described this installation as a portal to transport her to the other world. Some perceived it as a forest. Some walked by silently. All these varied experiences and interpretations from the audience make the work complete.

--- Jul 2016. “The Rhone Touch” at Central Saint Martens. London, UK.

--- Jun 2016. Interaction Design Arts BA Degree Show, London College of Communication. London, UK.

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--- Featured at London College of Communication Degree Show 2016 blogpost
--- LCC Student Voices: Parrr Geng
--- Behind The Scenes Design School: LCC Degree Shows 2016

--- August, 2016. IxDA London