--- Oct 2018. Hidden Structure, Oddstream, at Rozet/Stadskelders Arnhem, Arnhem, Netherlands.
Free floating spheres in Pedesis, a new project by Roos Meerman and me, is our attempt to create an immersive visual-audio-tactile experience to represent the invisible, unpredictable but inevitale molecular-level communications among living species.

It’s still the chance that we actually live with. In this installation, you experience the natural phenomenon Pedesis, a scientific model for chance-encounters in process.

Whenever the visitors pass through these free floating spheres, their encounters with spheres or other visitors introduce a new arrangement, just as how every beam of light or every mass of air could do.

The forever-changing in-betweenness.

Pedesis was conceived during my Artist-in-Residence at Oddstream in May 2018 and exhibited at Stadskelders Arnhem in Oct 2018.