Spacial Concept 1949-50 Reimagined

--- Feb 2016. “2053: A Living Museum” at Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.

Inspired by Ray Bradbury's 1953 sic-fi novel Fahrenheit 451 which tells the tale of a distant future where works of literature are banished and the only way to save them is to learn them by heart, Tate Liverpool curated a fictional scenario in which:
"It’s 2053. All of the artworks in Tate Liverpool’s special exhibition An Imagined Museum have vanished, replaced by a ‘living museum’, an army of people assembled to preserve the memory of the artworks that were once on display." (Text from

The collection, on display and later imagined, brought 60 post-1945 artworks together from the Centre Pompidou, Tate and MMK collections, including works from Lucio Fontana, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol and more. As part of this 'living museum', I re-enacted Lucio Fontana's Spatial Concept 1949-50 into a combination of body movement and spoken words.

Spacial Concept 1949-50, Lucio Fontana.